What about transgender issues?

In a recent article, ScienceMag.org discussed epigenetics and the possibility that homosexuality is rooted in our genes. This means it is not a lifestyle choices, as many Christians believe.

What if the same is true for transgender children and adults? People are altering their anatomy through surgery to match their identities. What if they could alter their emotions and identities about themselves instead?

Churches have become greatly divided over the issue of homosexuality and transgender. It’s very hard to come to an agreement on what is right and wrong, especially since the definition of homosexuality in the Bible and now is very different.

So, is there something wrong with people who are transgender? Are they in the wrong body, or are their emotions and identity wrong?

What if they could make these changes through epigenetics? This could involve removing things from the DNA. Science suggests it could be a possibility in the future. What if you could choose to change either your emotions/identity or your biological sex? Would there be sin attached to either decision?


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