Maybe we don’t need just one church

In a recent interview, Julia Lawrence expressed some of her own viewpoints on being a Christian and what it means to go to church

Having been raised in church, Lawrence said she noticed a pattern with churches and telling the same stories every year. She concluded that going to one church all year long, and never changing, prevents a person from having multiple perspectives on being a Christian.

To Lawrence, who currently attends five churches, being a Christian is about researching, questioning and exploring different interpretations of the Bible. She said different people have different beliefs, and that’s okay.

This contradicts the basic idea of being a part of one church family. What practice is better? How else could be become well-rounded Christians?


One thought on “Maybe we don’t need just one church

  1. Apparently, in His infinite wisdom, God made people different. To some, faith comes rather easily, to others not so much.

    To limit us to one unique path to Him would seem inconsiderate unless you subscribe to the idea that He created some people with a “get into Heaven free” card.

    Since it seems obvious there are many differing interpretations of Him and spiritual matters, I think there are not near enough different churches.


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