The Earth’s impact with Theia and what it means

We talk about light a lot on this blog, because it is a large topic and heavily researched in modern science. Once again, we are going to explore its creation.

Before the Earth collided with Theia, a planet about the size of Mars, it was molten, about 90 percent of its size, and surrounded by a dark cloud which prevented light from entering the atmosphere.

When Theia struck, it spun the Earth, creating light, days, seasons, years and signs. It also created the moon within a year.

The dark cloud cleared, and the Earth began to have light on its surface. Days were created, as they are a result of the Earth’s rotation.

Seasons are a result of the rotational tilt, years result from the rotation around the sun, and signs, such as moon phases, began.

This didn’t create the sun and the stars. So when the Bible says “Let there be light,” it means the dark cloud cleared, instead of a creation of light-causing elements.


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