The Breath of Life changed it all

Let’s say you are walking into a cell phone store. The phones on display are nice and new, but have yet to be hooked up to an account. There is no service, no bill, and nothing attached to the phone company at this point.

Compare this to a human body with no soul, or what you might know from the Bible as “the breath of life.”

Archaeologist Jeffrey Rose has been studying man’s origin and locating  the first humans in Africa. With his evidence, we have reason to believe that Adam and Eve weren’t the first people on Earth. But they may have simply been the first people with souls.

Think of it like a computer without the software downloaded yet. A person without a soul, which is hard to imagine, would be just that. Adam was the first one God programmed, and was therefore the first human who had a desire to worship.

Before this, people were literally animals. Intelligent, maybe, but without a soul or cause like we have today.

What kind of a game-changer is it to have the breath of life? What can you imagine humans would be like without it?



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