The Principle

A documentary entitled The Principle was released a few years ago, and we recently had the chance to watch the film.

It advertises itself as controversial, which one cannot deny. It centers around the idea that the earth may be the center of the universe.

We get to travel back in time and visit scientists such as Copernicus, Ptolemy and many others who have studied the cosmos over the centuries. Many of them created ideas that either the Earth centered the solar system, or the sun did.

Nicolaus Copernicus is our main scientist, who actually placed the sun instead of the earth at the center of the universe.

Today, of course, we know that the Earth orbits the sun in our solar system. But, we cannot be sure about the universe. Evidence upon evidence in this video mounts us with facts that show we could be very wrong about the Copernican Principle, and that there is a possibility the earth could be the center of the universe.

Although there is a lot of controversy around this video, we still ask the questions: What if we are the center of the universe? What kind of a game changer is that for us, and for our relationship with God?




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