Plate tectonics was not a part of Noah’s Flood

Flood geology is an attempt to interpret geographical features of the earth with the belief that Noah’s Flood was a global flood and that it did, in fact, happen as described in Genesis 7-8.

With this concept, it is believed that the world was very flat prior to the flood. Soon after, there was fast plate tectonics that formed the hills and mountains we have today. It has the idea that the plates “bumped” into each other.

Plate tectonics is the theory that the earth’s is divided into several tectonic plates. The center of the earth is a nuclear reactor generating numerous amount of heat and energy. It rises in columns which crack the earth’s crust and separates the pieces.

Flood geology says that this happened quickly after the flood, but this isn’t true. Plate tectonics happened over the course of millions of years.

Plate tectonics was a part of the creation story on Day 3 in Genesis 1, but Noah’s Flood was not a part of the creation story. The Flood was most likely not a worldwide flood.

The continents are separated rising columns of hot liquid rock and this cools and forms new crust, pushing the old crust away. Scientists discovered in the early 20th century that the earth’s crust sat on plates and not just one solid shell.

12,500 years ago, the earth was hit by a meteor shower which led to a 1500 year cold weather period. During that time, the polar ice caps enlarged and the sea level fell 400 feet. When it began to warm up, the sea level rose 400 feet, flooding a lot of low-lying valleys. Many people think this is what Noah’s Flood is based on.

In the end, the story of Noah’s Flood was an eyewitness account by Shem, Noah’s son. (All of the Semitic people get their name from him.) This means the “highest hills” described are within the few miles he could see. This does not describe the entire world.

Assuming Noah’s Flood was a worldwide flood would be as if it was viewed from a spacecraft, which did not exist at the time. This is both improbable and illogical.





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