Nephilim, ancient civilizations and aliens

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.
Genesis 6:4
Now, there is much debate over who the Nephilim were, and some argue that it was an alien race. Whoever it was, we know there was something else here with humans that bred with humans. But were they a more advanced race? Were they the same kind of race as the sons of God or something different?
Were they here before God created Adam and Eve?
Theories on ancient aliens have been a source for explanation of the many strange discoveries on ancient cultures.
In our previous post, we talked about Gobekli Tepe and that stated it predated Adam and Eve. Another possibility is that it predates Noah, but doesn’t go back as far as predating Adam and Eve. We may also have the wrong dates for Adam and Eve (5,778 on the Jewish calendar).
In addition, there are still a lot of theories about this period of time. Also, there is a lot of history–and a lot of strange history.
The question also arises, did the Nephilim build Gobekli Tepe?
Nexus Magazine hosted a presentation with information about various ancient civilization. One of the hot topics was people with elongated skulls. They weren’t born that way, of course, but were altered that way as babies. The interested thing is different civilizations from all over the world performed this same ritual, and they had no connection. It’s still performed by cultures with no connection to the many others who have performed it before.
There are other strange things as well, such as pumpkin heads in other cultures. They had a ritual of reshaping a head to where it was pushed in more like a pumpkin.
The advanced technology is what always shakes archaeologists. Statues and stone were carved with perfect cuts only power tools could perform. Where did it come from? Did the Nephilim do it?
There are also tightly fitting structures that seem impossible for anyone to build. Things that would require heavy machinery, power tools, technology, electricity–things that didn’t exist for primitive humans.
There’s a lot of strange pieces of weird-looking people, flying fish and other objects that have been removed from museums because it’s just too strange for them to display to the public. Elongated skulls are part of this as well.

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