The government has a program for aliens

Before we get a reputation for becoming an outlandish blog spreading conspiracy theories, I just want to ask you to have an open mind. This is a big universe. There’s a lot of possibilities out there. And there’s a large possibility our government likes to stay on top of things, because, well, they stay on top of everything else.

That being said, I recently read an article from the New York Times discussing the Pentagon and its programs. Specifically a $22 million program entitled the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The program can largely be credited to Harry Reid, who funded much of it and partnered with Robert Bigelow. These men are absolutely convinced that aliens exist.

Some sightings with this program include aircraft, that seemed to move at extremely high velocities with no apparent means of lift.

There are also videos of interactions with military aircraft and unknown objects.

What do investigations on aliens means for Christians?

Should the church teach about such possibilities?



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