The universe sprouted like an oak tree

Most arguments about creation are rooted in the misunderstanding that the universe began as something small, a singularity, which is infinitely small and dense.

Then, it grew.

People tend to imagine creation as if different parts were created at different times. The belief is that the earth was first created as a solid mass of dirt, then the sky and all the stars.

But it is like an oak tree. The entire tree came from one acorn and every leaf sprouted as a different object.

The universe came into existence at one single point, and is all part of one single object. It began at one definite time and one definite place.

Even though the earth. moon, sun and stars were all once part of a tiny dot called “a singularity,” which is a theoretical concept of an object. It was infinitely dense  and infinitely small, and grew larger and expanded into the distant star formation we have today.

The expansion was slow and took a long time. But everything we see today through the best telescopes was originally all together as one very small mass (the singularity).

A famous astronomer named Fred Hoyle thought the universe formed at many places, called “star nurseries,”

He couldn’t believe all the stars came from one tiny spot.

He was wrong, but the name stuck even though there was no loud noise or explosion. This was due to increased entropy, which is the lack of order or predictability.

Everything created is part of one entity, which began at one place and one time. Creation is a process that requires time to be completed. The alternative is the vision of God tapping his magic wand, each tap making different portions. The portions include the land mass, sky, etc.

Creation is an ongoing process that began at one tiny place and at one time. It still continues like a growing oak tree.

The Big Bang Theory is the preferred theory, as opposed to “continuous widespread separate creation events.” So even though it sounds like a firecracker, we should nod when asked if Big Bang is correct.


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