Meanings and questions about astronomically aligned megaliths

There are websites full of ancient megaliths covered in astonishing history, and mysteries. Some of the most interesting might be the ones that seem to be built for astronomical reasons.

Out of all the megaliths in the world, Stonehenge is probably the most popular. It is one of many megaliths that seems to have astronomical significance, and possibly even religious purpose. Stonehenge has had theories about it possibly being a calendar for lunar and solar activity. Many argue that people wouldn’t have access to such knowledge.

The main axis of the monument faces the horizon where the sun rises. It lines up only roughly, but that doesn’t mean that wasn’t what it was used for. The accuracy of ancient astronomers may not have been what today’s astronomers use.


Stonehenge dates back to 3000 BC. Even farther back about 500 years, in Scotland are the great stone circles: Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis, and Stenness, on the Isle of Orkney. These also show alignments for the sun and the moon at different times in their cycle.


Another megalith, Nabta, located in Egypt, dates to about 6000-6500 years ago. It consists of an assembly of a stone circle, a series of flat, tomb-like structures and five lines of standing and toppled megaliths. It is known as the oldest astronomical alignment of megaliths in the world.

The stone circle is 12 foot in diameter and consists of four sets of upright slabs. Two sets were aligned in a north-south direction while the second pair of slabs provides a line of sight toward the summer solstice horizon.

Because of the proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, the noon sun is at its zenith about three weeks before and after the summer solstice. There is also an east-west alignment between one megalithic structure and two stone megaliths about a mile distant. There are two other geometric stone lines involving about a dozen additional stone monuments that lead both northeast and southeast from the same megalith.

These are just a few pieces of history covered in information and mystery. But where did such information come from with such limited technology? One might bring up the theory of ancient aliens, or simply that there is more about these people than we realize.


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