The value of homosexuality in animals, and other roles 

The churches have a wide debate on homosexuals these days, and with the variety of labels that different people have identified, it’s not getting any easier.  

Many churches are choosing to widely accept homosexuals and transgenders. Many are still labeling it as something less than holy.  

When we start looking outside of the human species, or Western culture, we can learn that there is a wide variety of purpose in these roles, just like heterosexuals/cisgenders. 

Wolves are a great example of such roles.  

According to Scholastic, wolves run in packs with an alpha male and female. Only the alphas reproduce, and the alphas also are the first to eat at kills. The other females, besides the alpha, do not even go into heat, but they simply serve their own role in the packs. 

This could be an example of asexuality in nature, other than homosexuality—unless you take away all sexual expectations. 

Homosexuality has more roles than sex and companionship. “Gay” animals, or people, in packs often serve as an alternative option for raising children.  

Many forget that it wasn’t that long ago that antibiotics didn’t exist, and survival was a difficult thing. People died young, and sometimes they even left children behind. Who else would serve a great role in this but those who did not have children of their own? 

We see this in our society now that homosexuals can adopt children. These situations typically have a high success rate.  

It’s not just animals that accept homosexuality as a part of life, but other cultures have widely accepted it for ages.  

According to The Guardian, African cultures have long accepted homosexuality. In Nigeria they have a word for it, “yan daudu,” which literally refers to someone who has anal sex and refers to men who serve as wives to other men. Although this may sound a bit insulting, it is just a term and isn’t associated with any amount of hate or discrimination.  

These are old terms, and old ways. Cultures credit the increase in negative connotations to the widespread increase in televised Christianity.  

The truth is most cultures have a long history that is filled with homosexuality. If the history is examined correctly, it becomes clear that it is possible to see the value of gays in society, very much like heterosexuals.  



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